Time2Talk How long does it take to speak with a human?

by FindABetterBank

Introducing “Time2Talk”

Since we launched our checking account comparison tool two years ago, we've been trying to come up with a fair, objective and transparent metric to help people evaluate customer service.

An important aspect of a bank or credit union's customer service is the time it takes to reach a human by calling them on the phone. Personally, if I ever dial my bank's customer service number, it's because I want to talk to someone. It's logical that institutions who quickly route customers to service representatives will please more of their customers than institutions that make it hard and keep people on hold.

So we decided to start timing everybody -- "Time2Talk" (T2T). The clock starts ticking when the phone starts ringing. The clock stops when we're speaking with a customer service representative who can answer account-related questions. We call each institution in the morning, at lunch-time and at the end of the day (not on the same day). T2T is the average of those three calls. We'll measure each bank and credit union six times a year.

We're going to maintain a T2T page for every institution we measure and link to these pages in users' search results on FindABetterBank. It would be really helpful for FindABetterBank users if people add their own customer services experiences onto these pages.

In addition, Andrew and I will be posting T2T rankings, comparisons and other interesting customer-service related articles and stories.

Thanks for reading. Rob.

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