Time2Talk How long does it take to speak with a human?

by FindABetterBank

Old National Bank

T2T: 2 minutes 22 seconds

Phone Number 1-800-731-2265
Customer Service Hours Monday-Friday 7am to 8pm; Saturday 8am to 3pm; Sunday 8am to 2pm (CST)
What to expect Old National Bank uses an automated system to route your call, but just wait on the line to speak with a customer service representative (CSR). You do not need to give your account number before speaking with a CSR.
Previous T2Ts
Sept 2010 2 minutes 22 seconds
May 2010 1 minute 2 seconds
Mar 2010 1 minute 5 seconds

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  1. As of last month, apparently, Old National no longer offers Free Checking. My girlfriend and I both had Free Checking and without any notification they were changed to Essential Checking accounts. The first we knew of this is when we were billed for not maintaining their minimum balance. I’m not sure how they do this when we never opened an Essential Checking account or agreed to a minimum balance.

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